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Riverside Trade Counter

We offer a wide range of building and construction tools and materials from our new Riverside Trade Counter next door to our site. See below for just some of the products we offer.


Below is a extended list of some of the products we offer at the trade counter.

  • Selection of hand tools, eg, saws, hammers, screw drivers etc.

  • Tape measures, Spirit levels, plumb lines etc.

  • Nails & Screws, rawl plugs & bolts

  • Door furniture, locks, hinges etc.

  • Joist hangers etc.

  • Specialist paints

  • Universal silicone, expanding foam and other industrial adhesives etc

  • PPE: Gloves, Ear muffs, Masks

  • Range of Fillers

  • Paint Brushes

  • Bags of Sawdust

       This list is not exhaustive and we will be adding new lines at regular intervals.

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